Haven't been to a vet for check-up exam in a while?  Come in for a complete physical for your pet.

Our Veterinarians

Vaccination is important in keeping your pets healthy and protecting them from diseases.  We offer vaccines for dogs and cats.

At Our Pet Wellness Clinic, We Offer:

Dr. Janet K. Troxel graduated from Kansas State University with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2004.  She has been practicing in the Inland Empire providing various veterinary services at animal hospitals and emergency clinics.  She's had a love for animals since she was a young child and her dream was to become a veterinarian to care for them.  While pursuing her education, she volunteered at a local animal shelter as a veterinary assistant.  She loves all animals and loves to karaoke.

Dr. Dior De Moraes graduated from U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2003.  She has worked at local humane societies and veterinary clinics as a surgeon and works at our monthly pet wellness clinic.  She has had love for nature and animals from early childhood and pursued her dream of becoming a veterinarian.  She loves all animals, big and small including horses and chickens!  

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We offer flea, tick, and parasite preventatives, and essential medicine including dewormers and antibiotics.

Meds & More

1 out of 3 pets get lost in their lifetime and without a microchip, 90% of them do not return.  Have your pet chipped today!  It will save their lives one day.



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